Pas De Deux in the South End

Just two weeks off my last trip to Boston, I was commissioned to head back up and shoot promo shots of Lia Cirio and James Whiteside for Eglevsky Ballet’s Nutcracker!

After some serious trickery in working through challenging schedules (mostly the dancers’), I booked my flights, kissed the wife and kids bye and was “shipping up to Boston!”

Boston has quickly stolen my heart and I have fallen in love with this amazing city!! The dancers were amazingly friendly, hospitable and accommodating! Though it was the first time I had ever met Lia & Jeff in person, there was a certain feeling of familiarity, that of which you would share with a close friend or someone you have known for years.

This trip was no different in the warmth as I was greeted with a “welcome back” when I sent Lia a text to let her know of my arrival. Shortly after, I bumped into Kathleen on the rooftop who was also all smiles!

The shoot itself went great! We were able to grab some great images in short order. After which, I had some time on my hands to roam the south end some. I also met up with a friend from Facebook, Heidi, who is an appreciator of dance (and my work!). It was nice putting a face with whom I chatted with online!

Apart from schlepping my gear all over Boston, it was an enjoyable trip! I even made some new contacts!

Boston, till we meet again…

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