Barre Boys ~ One step closer to a dream!

Aaron Smyth, the talented dancer from the Gold Coast of Australia began his ballet training at the age of 12. Aaron knew, however, if he wanted to reach his goals of traveling and dancing professionally, with any company really, he had to come to the states. Leaving Australia, Aaron had one big dream – to dance in ABT!

In pursuit of his dream, Aaron began training at the JKO School (training facility for ABT) and eventually landed a spot in ABT2. Unlike some other second companies, ABT2 is not just a studio company. ABT’s second company offers dancers an opportunity to tour, stateside and abroad as well as dance Principal roles, which Aaron cites Romeo from Romeo & Juliet and Basilio in Don Q as his favorites!

His charisma, stage presence and pure talent have also led Aaron to many notable competitions in his career, including IBC Jackson with his partner Alys Shee and the prestigious McDonald’s Ballet Scholarship where he was a finalist performing at the Sidney Opera House!

If not ABT, what other companies would he be interested in? e cited that outside of ABT, his dream companies would be either San Francisco Ballet or Paris Opera Ballet. Though quite different than the slow pace back home, Aaron is finding the hustle and constant bustle of the big city, very fun and is hoping to stay a while!

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