Barre Boys ~ 10 Questions with TMP’s Dylan G-Bowley

1) At what age did you start ballet training? when start dance classes?

I started training at the age of 5. I was in a combo class where we would do ballet for 30 min then tap for 30 min. After that I just kept adding more classes and hours.

2) Do both of your sisters dance? I know Whitney does…

Both my sisters danced when I was younger and that’s how I got into it. Now my oldest sister Leeanne has her own dance company in Queens called in-sight dance. My other sister Whitney still dances and does a bunch of different projects in NYC.

3) How did you wind up in Boise?

I moved to Boise to join Trey McIntyre Project. Before Trey asked me to join the company I had never heard of Boise. It’s funny I didn’t even find anything out about Boise till after I took the job. Now after living there for 2 years I am in love with the city.

4) Do you have any pre-show rituals?

My pre-show prep changes with the rep we do. However just like before I take class I have to be sweating before I feel like I can start moving well.

5) Career goals?

I really look forward to dancing a wide range of pieces in my career. I love all different kinds of movement and want to do a ton before I stop. My only goals right now are to dance a lot and have fun doing it.

6) Any interest in dancing classical ballet?

I am interested in doing classical ballet especially earlier on in my career. I started my training with ballet before I went into modern and contemporary so I don’t want to lose that. I also think it would be really fun and a challenge to do a story ballet at some point.

7) Relationships for an artist in dance can be challenging even moreso when dating another dancer. Your girlfriend is a principal in another company on the east coast. That must be tough, how do you make it work?

It is tough…the time difference is one of the hardest things. When she is going to work I’m still asleep and when I’m having dinner she is getting ready for bed. I do get to visit quite a bit. TMP has a week off about every month so I fly out to see her and take class with the company. I’m racking up the frequent flyer miles! The thing that helps the most is that we are both really busy and focused on our dancing so the time between visits goes by pretty fast.

8 ) How does dating another dancer affect your artistry? I know she is more of the classical content vs the contemp stuff you do. But I would think it helps some?

Having another dancer who you can totally trust and respect is wonderful. We both have different training and experiences that we share with each other. It helps to add a whole other level to our dancing and even push one another into new territory. We always have someone who is close who can understand the commitment and passion that dance requires.

9) What has been your favorite place to perform and why?

It is kind of a tie between Hungary and Boise. Performing in Europe for the first time and having the audience love the dance was something I won’t forget. Whenever we perform in Boise it is like a rock concert. The city is so supportive and really loves TMP. The house is packed with real fans of dance and the work we do. When things get hard I think about the energy the Boise audience gives and it reminds me why this art form is so amazing.

10) Aside from the company itself, what is your favorite part of being in Boise?

That’s a hard one. Boise seems to always be full of sunshine and great weather. It really makes waking up everyday a pleasure. But I think my favorite part is being able to ride my bike everywhere. When we got back from our summer break I drove my car twice in a month. It is just faster, easier, cheaper, and more fun to ride your bike in the beautiful Boise summer.

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