Baring my soul ~ In book form

For years now, I have wanted to do a book. I want a collection of my work on people’s coffee tables, etc. But til now, and even now, I have not been sold on what this book will look like. What will be the theme. Will it be a mere compilation ~ a greatest hits of sorts? I have been back and forth on this and still am torn. So, to help me through my own process, I have decided to blog about my dilemma.

I have often found that by talking through things, talking through a process or roadblock, you get it out on the table and can possibly see it more clearly. Perhaps by opening up, you can see past roadblocks or think more openly about it. So… here we go!

One thing I am most certain of is that I do NOT want a greatest hits type book. You can go online to see that. I don’t have to spend time assembling it in book form, just go to Facebook. But for a while, I felt it may need a journalistic side – tell a story. However, this morning, I am thinking that perhaps I can accomplish this through my images. Duh…

One more thing I am quite certain of is that this “book” needs to be more than just beautiful images. I don’t want a collection of just pretty pictures, etc. This book needs to really hit people in their gut. I want them to feel it in their guts. I want them to leave decisively moved. We are not talking tears here. We are talking being in a different place then when they first picked it up. I want the person who is looking at it to feel this book at their core. They need to be struck.

But, before you are struck, I must be and I must be in that same way I want you to be. This is why it can not be just another pretty picture. Trust me, a lot of my “every day” images move me. I am at times, brought to tears with images I have been a part of. This book needs to be more. For this reason, I need to step out of my “every day.”

I feel for this book, I must travel abroad to tap into uncharted territories. I need to escape my normal element to really be able to dig deep into my soul and create this work that I want to showcase. There needs to be a sense of vulnerability and newness to really challenge myself.

Up til this morning, I was heading in one direction with the book and theme, but I came across an album of images that really moved me and caused me to rethink this.

You see, this uncertainty, this indecisiveness, is why I have not done a book yet and also a reason why it has taken me 4 years to revamp my site. So perhaps, this rant will help me through my own process. Or maybe this is just a load of crap and I am just running my mouth.

Thanks for reading!!

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