Poke Buddies….

Sometimes ya just need a good poke! When you do, ya gotta have a good poke buddy on stand by… Someone you can call when the urge hits you! My poke buddy is in Florida!

When I got to Tampa, I did my usual check-in on Facebook at the airport. Cheryl Ogle and I have been friends on Facebook for a while and when I “checked in” I saw she had done the same at some point previously. I had forgotten she was down there! Within the next day or two, I posted on my status about Tampa and she commented. Well, we quickly made plans to hook up on my last day. By that time I was in need of some R&R and a good poke! Get your mind out of the gutter. We poke on Facebook. 🙂

So, Cheryl and her daughter Skylar showed me around Tarpon Springs and we did mini shoots of each other. It was a lot of fun!

We wound up back at her house then went out for lunch as the local place wasn’t open yet.

From lunch we went to Clearwater for a little bit.

After, we went back to her house for coffee, met her son and hubby, who had been out all day looking for a boat. Then, it was off to the airport for my return trip home.

Here are some images from our shoot!

I had so much fun hanging with Cheryl for the day! Looking forward to doing it again in January!

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One Response to Poke Buddies….

  1. cherylogle says:

    Awe – it was so much fun to meet you Brian! I can’t wait for January either!

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