Kat hitting the hardwood, ruffling the neighbors!

Kat and I kinda met in February when she was one of the performers for the first ever Tap Teaser on Tour, to benefit my program, Hope Dances. Our second encounter came when Pamela Hetherington asked me to do the promo shots for her and Kat’s upcoming Fringe show, “Too Darned Hot.”

I actually was behind Kat in the coffee shop two doors down from my studio, but since I had only seen her once, I wasn’t sure it was her, so I said nothing. However, as I was checking FB while waiting for my java, our dialogue began. Apparently, she messaged me while SHE was in line, asking if I wanted something. I saw it and responded when I was in line.

So anyway, the shoot was a blast. At the end, Kat and I spoke about working together again. I don’t shoot a lot of tap so I am still uncertain of it. I don’t have the same confidence as when I shoot ballet or hip hop. But I wanted to shoot more, for the fun and challenge!

We finally locked in a date and time and met at my studio. She started by just dancing and I would capture as I saw things. She was going full out. My studio is an old building in downtown Phoenixville and you can hear EVERYTHING from floor to floor.

Well, in no time at all, I was engaged in a multi floored chat with my neighbors upstairs who were trying to paint as Kat was hoofing. It was one for the books for sure! “What’s going on down there? It sounds like someone is tap dancing!” “They are!” “why?” “I’m doing a photo shoot!” “While someone is tap dancing?” “Yes! I’M A DANCE PHOTOGRAPHER!” “Well, its hard to focus on painting with the dancing.” “SORRY!!!” Epic to say the least!

So, from that point on, we stopped dancing and just started to hit poses which actually worked out well! I had such a great time working with Kat! She is such a sweet person and just a wonderfully fun talent. I think we got some great images!!

Here are some of our faves!!!

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7 Responses to Kat hitting the hardwood, ruffling the neighbors!

  1. Kat Richter says:

    I had such a blast– your upstairs neighbor notwithstanding 🙂 Maybe we should invite her to the show in September? LOL!!!

  2. brianmengini says:

    lol would be great! I am the blacksheep of the building tho. I am the loner, the James Dean lol

  3. Kat Richter says:

    PS: You need to add a tweet button so I can tweet this to all… you know… ten of my followers 🙂

  4. Kat's Landlord says:

    Love these, thanks so much for doing these for Kat. We have enjoyed supporting your Hope Dances work too, so glad we found out about it.

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