Holly Curran

Each client offers a unique experience. One I enjoy is where we can talk about different experiences, choreography and other artists. These kind of conversations allow you to connect as artists in a wonderful way. You allow yourselves to be taken to a completely different place and that is why we create is it not? These unique experiences are truly what make my job so amazing. Its such a thrill to be part of their lives and learn about them.

Holly and I have been friends on Facebook for a while and finally met when I started working with Ballet Fleming. She’s a graduate of the University of the Arts and also danced with Ballet Austin. I have shot her on stage and did a mini Tutu.Com shoot. I had donated a photo shoot to Ballet Fleming for their silent auction for Tapas. Holly was the lucky winner! That was also fun for me. Well, we finally were able to get a date set and she came in from NJ for the shoot. We had a lot of fun. We talked dance – choreo, her travels and experience, some of mine and of course, we created some fun images! It is really awesome to get to know people better, you are able to connect on a deeper level and you get to learn! This summer, she will be doing a summer residency in Montana with Ballet Montana so she wanted to get the shoot in before she left. I am glad we did!

Here are some of the images….

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2 Responses to Holly Curran

  1. Andrew Fry says:

    beautiful photos … beautiful dancer … nice blog too brian 🙂

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