DTI Nationals

I am down here in Savannah, Georgia, to offer sessions to the many wonderful dancers who are participating in the DTI (Dance Troupe Inc) Nationals at the Savannah Civic Center. Currently, they are offering workshops and rehearsals with the competition being at the end of the week.

I was approached a while ago by Cindy Hollingsworth about offering sessions down here. I “met” Cindy through Allie Parsons dance teacher, Pam Wurdeman. Cindy mentioned to Pam that she wanted to use some of my images of Allie for her ads in Dance Studio Life magazine. So, from time to time, Cindy will use my images in her ads. She then approached me about setting up shop down here and doing sessions. I was excited and immediately agreed to it! Cindy has now been a long time supporter of my work and I like to help those who help me.

It is ridiculously hot down here. I broke my first sweat by 8:30 while walking to the venue. I am enjoying my time here though. I had my first session this am with Katie & Kevin Watson, a young brother and sister. Katie is more interested in contemporary dance with Kevin being into hip hop. We shot for about 30 minutes and got some great shots. I am very happy with them! Below are some teasers! 2 and a half days here shooting!!

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