Special Day for a Special Friend!

Believe it or not, I met Lisa through Craigslist. No, it wasn’t a personals ad. I was looking for some dance models to shoot for content for my book. I did not want to go through the main companies. I wanted to find a diamond in the rough. Boy did I find just that and more. It wasn’t that quick though. Lisa was one of two girls who responded. She forwarded me some pics she had but nothing ever came about from it.

About a year later (2008), Lisa reached back out to me on Facebook. She was asking if I still needed models. At that time, I was happy with my content and had no particular projects going on. But I recalled an experience I had on Model Mayhem where I was to be doing a TFP with a local model and by the time we got our schedules working, she was looking to charge me and no longer doing TFP. I remember feeling quite put off by this, especially since we had already been talking about doing it. Recalling that disappointment, I told Lisa that we would work together! Little did either of us foresee the friendship that would soon be forged.

Lisa and I chatted on Facebook at least once a day, every day, for I think months. She worked at a cyber school. We chatted about dance, ballet, technique, etc. It was almost routine – we would talk before and after lunch, as the internet there crashed due to usage. We did manage to set up a date to shoot.

The day of the shoot was the first day we actually met but since we talked so much and so often, it felt like old friends when she arrived. I guess for all intents, by that time, we were. We had chatted for a few months before we actually met. The shoot was very fun and very laid back. We joked. We laughed. We drank beer and ate pizza. We took amazing pictures and we took fun ones. She took pics of me. We took some partnering shots. This was the first of quite a few times we would shoot in my studio.

Lisa and I met when I was on the verge of a career explosion. I do credit her for part of it. Her lines are beautiful. Her grace and poise are pristine. Her legs and feet are strong yet elegant. Perfect form and great arches. Again, our meeting and subsequent shoot were at the doorstep of what would be a whirlwind ride for me in my craft, which has not stopped.

Shortly after our first shoot, I had Lisa back in studio a couple more times. One of them were for Tutu.Com run by my dear friend, Claudia. We were shooting along with Erin Royston, who is also now engaged. The very last shot of the night was one that was conceived by Lisa. It was a very simple shot, but was so effective and impactful, it wound up being in Pointe Magazine as an ad for Tutu.Com.

I don’t recall when, but Lisa left the charter school and we were both busy with work, so we werent talking as often. We would check in with each other to see what was what. I think it was that next year (2009) that Lisa got engaged to her HS sweetheart, Dave. I knew or at least hoped, that I would be the photographer for this event.

The following year was a big year for Lisa. Aside from planning her wedding, she auditioned for and got a dancing job with a professional company here in Philly! OMG!!! I was soooo thrilled for her. I got to see her dance onstage which was just such a treat for me! She also decided to go back to school for graduate studies in dance so she could teach on a collegiate level. I was excited for her and also helped her on her application thesis.

So, wrapping this longwinded ramble up… It is because of all of this, that this wedding was a very, very special day for me. It was an honor to be a part of this special day for a very special friend.

their wedding dance:

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