Angie & Mollie Sansone

Back in July, I traveled to Savannah to do mini sessions for some of the competitors for DTI’s nationals dance competition. I was very much looking forward to it! I had never been to Georgia and was very excited to see the area of Savannah!

A day or two before I was to leave, I received a Facebook message from a friend of mine, Suzette, who owns a dance studio on Hilton Head. She informed me that Mollie and Angie Sansone were going to be guest teaching for her. The two girls had been students of my good friend, Claudia Folts, who owns Tutu.Com. I was not familiar with them at first, but after seeing their photos, I was very eager to work with them. However, it would have to be very much thrown together and done so on the fly, as me and the ladies were both traveling from far distances. Both girls work for professional ballet companies, Mollie in Nashville and Angie in KC.

I established contact with them before leaving and wound up connecting with Angie via Facebook. Our communication was very scattered and did not become solid until I was actually on my way over to the island. While in transit, Angie and I confirmed that we would shoot that evening after class.

After class ended, we hung around and chatted some, getting to know each other a bit before we headed out. Since day light was quickly leaving us, we dashed over to the plantation where they were staying so they could freshen up. I was a little nervous about having enough “good” light to yield a successful shoot. As the girls were prepping, I was asked to pick out what color leos they were to wear, which I was happy to do. I must say, I am very pleased with my choices as they matched the girls tones and that of the sunlight perfectly. Had I missed my calling as a stylist??? Perhaps an overshoot of a thought…

The girls came down and we started shooting with Mollie first. Then some together, then Angie. The area we shot at was just gorgeous. It was a huge home that overlooked a marshy area. There was tall grass and all sorts of amazing things that lended themselves quite nicely to the ambiance of our session!

I also have to admit just how smitten I was with the golden tones of the sunset. The girls also played so well off the rays and the area in general. They were very adventurous and needed little direction. The shoot itself was quite quick but I am in love with the images. The girls were a true delight to work with. It was also very nice to be able to get these two girls together in one photograph given that they work in two different states.

I want to thank Suzette so much for making this happen and the girls and their mom, Janet, as well for their time and letting me in to their world. Aside from making great images with them, I made great friends.

Hope you enjoy the images!


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