Allie in Margot Fonteyn’s Birthday Offering Tutu

In June of this year, Allie Parsons came to Philly to perform two pieces in my Dance for Dreams Gala. I was so excited and honored to have her perform! Allie and I have become very close friends over the last year or so and our families have become close as well!

We were all staying in the same hotel, Loews Hotel, as they donated rooms for the event. YAY US!!!! Generally when Allie comes up to see me, its for a shoot and generally, Claudia Folts, owner of Tutu.Com sends her up with tons of tutus to model. Though we had not really had much time to do anything this weekend, they still brought an onslaught with them. It didn’t seem that we would have any time to do any shooting that weekend as it was full and they had to leave early on Sunday to make the long drive back to North Carolina. However, there was one tutu they had with them that just HAD to be worked in during their time… MARGOT FONTEYN’S ACTUAL TUTU FROM THE BIRTHDAY OFFERING!

Clearly, this was something that would drive me to wake up early for and git r done. After scouting some locations, we opted to just go down to Olde City, Philadelphia, to shoot. We found an old bank or post office or something. It was perfect though. There were HUGE old pillars and just the architecture was perfect for this costume.

I don’t think it really hit me until we actually started shooting in it, what I was actually shooting. I mean, how often does one get to shoot such a magnificent and historic piece of wardrobe? To say the very least, this was a definitive highlight in my career! I am so glad it is one that I shared with not only Allie, but Claudia, who supplied the garment!

Here are just a few images from the shoot!

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Here is Fonteyn with Nureyev:

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