Every girl likes to dress up and feel pretty, right? Well, here is a chance for your little princess and 7 of her girlfriends to do just that!!!

That’s right!! We are giving away a FREE photo shoot for your little princess and her 7 closest girl friends AND… we are giving them each a tutu from Tutu.Com that they will get to keep once the shoot is over! As if that was not enough… ALL 8 PRINCESSES will be featured on not only my Facebook page and blog, but they will ALL be featured on Tutu.Com’s Facebook page, which has over 15,500 followers!

Tutu.com is a world renowned creator of tutus. Their work has been in countless magazines including Vogue. They are suppliers of major ballet companies all over!!!

Check out their FB page!!


Ok, so it is a contest, so you must DO something to win it and obviously, there are rules as always. I hate rules, don’t you? I think that is why I am an artist. Ah, but I digress. Or is it regress. No, no. I am sure, it’s digress. So, again, I digress. Sorry, this all may be alot to DIGEST. HA! I made a funny!!! Alright. make with the rules and shtuff, right? Right. Grand so.

Simply comment on this blog with WHY your princess should get this auspicious act of charity and good fortune. What would it mean to you? What would it mean to her? Please, save the Jane Austen & Mr Darcy fluff for your book of the month club. I have ALL of the dvd’s. I like the one with Colin Firth the best. Ok, rambling again. MY daughter would love this. Actually, I may actually enter this contest under the moniker, Mr Darcy. But seriously, tell me why you want this for your princess.

Rules. Yes, here are those blasted rules.

1) The girls must be under 10. NO ADULTS! πŸ˜‰
2) Parents must be present and willing to sign a model release for each girl at the photo shoot.
3) The shoot will take place at my studio in Phoenixville
4) You MUST take the girls back home with. For the love of god, dont leave them with me. πŸ™‚
5) You MUST tell ALL of your friends how fun creative and handsome I am. πŸ˜‰
5 1/2) and funny too!!!


Ok so… git them cinderella stories churnin and godspeed to ya!

Fine Print Disclaimer:

*** Prints, etc, will be sold separately.

This message will self destruct in 30 seconds

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2 Responses to TUTU TUESDAY!!!!

  1. Ok Brian, you hooked me in. We live in Houston TX now but would be willing to pay for the airfare for this. My daughter Bella Gianna is 3 (she will be 4 in November); you have never met someone eho LOVES to dance more than her. She wakes up dancing and singing and goes to sleep singing and dancing, literally. Truely, ask her teachers, she sings at naptime! She is always skipping and twirling,and since age 2 she has her “signature move” –an arabesque but with the foot pointed on the floor- she can’t hold it up long enough yet! She is always walking around in some sort of TuTu/princess getup. She has been described by others as a “living Disney Princess” and “her life is a muscial”. There are not enough words to describe what this would mean to her. Just the TuTu alone would be the greatest thing- but someone taking her picture with the TuTu on? Ok, you have reached her pinnacle. She loves to “say cheese” and have her picture taken at any given moment. What princess wouldn’t? She would love the glory of someone focusing on her and her girls! Her dream is to get a sash and a crown, and be a real ballerina. This is about as close as it gets at 3 1/2! I just can’t tell you what it would mean to me to get those shots, of her in a TuTu being a princess ballerina for the day!! (sniff) She is such an amazing girl, and being the only girl and the baby, she tends to get dragged along into whatever the boys have to do. Just a day where Bella can be “Bella”- which in our house is an adjective, not a noun. If you are being Bella, you are having a wonderful day, where your world is full of joy, singing, laughter, and A LOT of twirlilng! That’s a day in the life of my daughter, my princess, who never lets you have a frown. You can’t be sad when you are living in a Musical, and you live with the princess. (Just ask her 2 brothers!)
    Thanks Brian for the opportunity for me to share about my Bella G.

    Jeanne Sottile

  2. mehgan says:

    I have waited all of my life for a daughter. I finally have one. I can just imagine her, her cousins and friends posing, laughing and creating memories for a life time. My daughter has no issues, illnesses or lack of love in her life – which is a true blessing. She has a warm heart, smile on her face and a love of learning and exploring. I think would be a photo shoot you would never forget if my daugher was chosen. She is a tutu princess you will never forget.
    This would mean a lot to me. I have always wanted to have a daughter to share memories just like this. I also would love to SHOW OFF the pictures to everyone I know!!! (like I dont show them pictures already) These pics would be SOOOO CUTE!!!! Just like my mini! I think my daughter would love the dress up, tutu, sparkles, lights, camera and friendship of this experience.She loves make-up, twirling and music. I can not imagine what she would be like at the shoot. (i forsee a lot of twirls and jumps) I also think my daughter would love hang these pictures in her room just like a real model.
    So in closing…I think my daughter should be granted this photo/tutu shoot special day just because she is happy, amazing and special to me.
    PS. We love Jane Austen. However, Sense & Sensibility is our fav! Her names comes from that movie.

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