Adrianna de Svatich currently dances for Ballet Fleming. I have known Adrianna for about 2 years now. We met when she was dancing with Pennsylvania Ballet. At the time, I was working on a project to raise awareness for the fallen police officers of Philadelphia. So, I had brought her in for that as well as a shoot for Tutu.com.

Here are some of those images:


Months later, I created a series, Wallflowers, which is a play on words. The premise was that I would shoot these beautiful ballerinas (flowers) against my wall in the studio. For this, I had her and Molly Flippen, who at the time danced with her in PAB, shoot with me for it.

Here is a shot of her from that series:


Here is the behind the scenes video of that shoot:

Fast forward… This season, Adrianna went to dance for Ballet Fleming, which I am on the Board of as well as being company photographer. I was really happy when I heard this. I always loved her. She was always sweet and happy and a joy to work with.

So, after a company shoot with Ballet Fleming, I asked Adrianna to come back into my studio and work with me on a couple of projects.

Here is a shot of her from the Ballet Fleming shoot:

For our shoot, I wanted to include her on my EmpoweredME series plus my BalletsFemme series. So we did and grabbed a few fun, non project themed, shots.

Here is a teaser:

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