End Intolerance!

Ok folks, this contest is for boys only. We are giving away a free photo session and 8×10 print. Winner will be selected randomly.

Bullying sucks. Many of us, if not most, were the victim of it. Maybe it happened because of a hobby or interest, maybe it happened because of who you were attracted to. Perhaps you just seemed “weak” and it made themselves feel more powerful to tease you. I was often the mark as a young kid. I was not very athletic. I was quiet and shy. At one point, my mom wanted to put me in boxing. Honestly, there is not much about my childhood that I care to relive. I do not admire anyone going through childhood.

This is something I dread and am fearful of for my son who is special needs. I do not look forward to middle school or high school. I think I am dreading that more then guys and my daughter! HA! But this topic really rings a bell and is very much a touchy topic for me. Sadly, too often you see these situations ending very badly. There are no winners in bullying. None.

People fear what is different, what is not the norm. They laugh at or mock what does not fit into societal acceptance. They are scared or comfortable with those who dare to be an individual and follow their hearts whether its a fashion trend, music choice, interest in art or who they love. Likely, it is their own insecurity with themselves. It is easier to point the finger and divert the attention.

So, how has bullying or intolerance affected you? Have you been teased, picked on or even worse? We would love to hear your story. You can do it anonymously, if you wish. You can email me at brian@bmengini.com. These stories will not be posted on Facebook. Has there been a time when you stood up to a bully? What did you do? What do you think we can do to lessen these situations?

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