First Friday Window Installation Launch Party!!!

We are so excited to announce, that in a occasion of pure serendipity, we will be featuring empoweredME as a month long window installation at the Phoenix Village Arts Center,207 Bridge St, Phoenixville!

There is no better excuse to have a party than this, right?!! So we are going to lump in First Friday as part of our shindig! The event will run from 6-9pm on March 2nd at the studio of Brian Mengini, 209 Bridge St Phoenixville.

The reception will include music, light refreshments, you can view the window installation ANNNNNDDDD…. wait for it… you can have your own FREE empoweredME portrait taken. You do not need to be a dancer for this, you just need to want to take a stand against cancer and show it you are empowered!

As we were planning this event, which kinda fell in our lap yesterday, we thought… Hmmm, well we will be offering refreshments, why not sell some lemonade and raise some monies for Alexs Lemonade Stand? Makes sense, right? I mean people drink at receptions, lemonade is tasty. So that is what we will do! We will use this as an opportunity to do even more good!

What an amazing night this will be!!! Please make sure you go and bring ALL of your friends!!

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