Out of Darkness – The Coffee Table Book!


So we have finally released the Out of Darkness coffee table book.  The book is 7″ by 7″ and contains 34 pages.  Each dancer we photographed has 4 of their images within this book.  There is at least 1 unreleased image per dancer in the book.

The cost of the book is just $35.79 each plus $5.00 shipping and handling per order.  Please allow two weeks for delivery.

For those who do not know why we are doing this series or book, here is why… this entire project is a tribute to my amazing mother who has been through some really rough times this past year.

My step father was diagnosed with throat cancer years ago.  He beat it, but since then, his health has gone up and down as a result of lingering issues. For the past two years, his health has been on the decline.  He is self employed and has been out of work for over a year now.

About a month or so ago, he went in for throat surgery to remove his voice box and part of his tongue as his cancer came back.  He was in the hospital for about two weeks as a result.  Following his discharge from the hospital, he went back about a half dozen times for various complications.

As of this note, he has been back in the hospital for a solid two weeks and will likely be discharged to a short term nursing facility.  So as to be by his side and the need to communicate with doctors, etc, my mother has also missed a lot of work over the past month or so.  Clearly, you can understand that this has put a grave financial strain on them.

August 1st, I hosted an exhibit at my studio to showcase this new work.  That event raised about $100.  While immensely grateful for the reception and monies raised, we are still well short of our goal of $1,500.  Ideally, I would love to raise more to help shoulder the burden and give them time to get my step father healthy.

Here is a slideshow of SOME of the images created:


So, we have two more methods in place to raise those funds.  One is this coffee table book – we have to have orders for 20 books before we can order from the distributor.  The second is a gofundme campaign – http://www.gofundme.com/outofdarkness.

To purchase the book, please click the button below!  Thank you!



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