Vietnam Documentary





Over the years, many of the topics I have taken on for photo projects were not personal to me in that I was not directly affected by the topic. They were just things that interested me and I felt like I could add a voice.

For the last two years, many of the photo series or essays I have taken on have been extremely personal. My next series will take on an event in history that likely had the most profound affect on my family and my life course – The Vietnam War.

My father was a medic in Nam and was awarded the bronze star for saving his commander’s life amidst enemy fire.

His experiences in Nam and the psychological affects of them drastically affected his life path and the path and dynamic of our family. So, I feel strongly about taking on this topic.

That said, I am interested in chatting with Nam Vets about their time and service. This will help me create more of a foundation and direction for my project.

I am not 100% of the life course of this endeavor. What’s fairly certain will be an online and live print exhibition of images captured and perhaps stories along with them.

Included in this post are photos of my father during his time in Nam. I ask that you please share this with ANY and ALL Vietnam Vets. If they are willing to talk to me, they can reach me via email at


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