Little Christmas (or end of year ) Special

So here we are, just 4 days removed from Christmas. We have just a few days left of 2014. Naturally, this is a time of reflection for many and I’m no different.

As I sit here and contemplate the ending year, pondering the new year and preparing for “Little Christmas,” I had an epiphany (c’mon, anyone??? Ugh. I digress…). Anyway, I thought to have one last sale for the year.

This one’s a blanket sale. No, I have not suddenly taken up knitting. Nor is it a hidden talent. What I mean is it’s a sweeping sale (please don’t. It’s not the kind of sale either).

This special, this end of year blow out gives you 20% off everything! Got your money from mom and dad or Aunt Jane for Christmas and wanna get yourself something nice? I gots ya!

The 20% is all inclusive. You can use it towards a photo shoot in the near year. You can use it on purchases for previous sessions. You can use it in my Etsy shop.

We will be updating our Etsy shop today. But here is the link to it.

The coupon code to be used at checkout from my Etsy shop or proofing account is 20off. If you need new access to your proofing gallery, please let me know.

This offer expires at midnight January 1st! Don’t miss it!

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