Autism Portraits

Every year, I do something to raise awareness for autism. A while back, I had set out to create a series of images of individuals on the spectrum. Sadly, life got in the way and despite some great buzz and fanfare surrounding it, the project never happened. 

Well, I’m looking to change that. So… I need individuals in the Philadelphia area with Autism to photograph. The sessions are free and each session also comes with a free 8×10 print!  

What I’m looking to capture with these portraits is the lighter side of Autism, not the doom and gloom that you see in some of the ads and commercials. I know we all face challenges with our ASD kiddos but with this series, I want to focus on the joys we experience with them – the smiles, the happiness and joy!  

If you are interested in scheduling a session with us, please email us at Please also share this post in your networks and circles!


Brian Mengini

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One Response to Autism Portraits

  1. Marianne Medzadourian says:

    I sent you an email requesting portrait date.

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