Special Needs Dads Needed

Some of you may not know that I am working on a project that is about those fathers who champion for our special needs kids.  The project is called “A Father’s Love.”  Every child needs to and deserves to know and feel their fathers love.  Sadly, in my travels and work in advocacy for my son and the community at large, I have heard waaaaay too many stories of dads who don’t “buy” that their child is special needs.  This is an extreme, but in one case, the father had to ask the mom (years later) what the diagnosis was.  This breaks my heart.

When Dominic was diagnosed, for me there was no other option.  I was all in.  The reality is that care for and progress of (just like a NT kiddo) a special needs person requires an all hands on deck mentality.  These diagnoses do effect the entire family and everyone must play a part.

So, I decided to start this project to shed light on those dads who do champion their special needs kids.  Now, this is not so much to give them glory or accolades, etc.  It is more so to 1) show that there are more dads out there who are all in then not 2) have those dads share their stories so as to possibly help the next or new crop of dads just starting on their journey.

Here is a link to the site itself, but I wanted to paste the contents of my most recent posting.  Please do share this info with anyone you know who might be interested. Thanks!!!


“In the spring, we will be resuming our portraits of fathers and their special needs kiddos. So, if we have talked or you emailed and haven’t gotten a reply, fret not (and I’m sorry – I suck) – you will be included.

In the meantime, I’m looking for other opportunities to document the bonding between dad and child.  This could occur in any number of settings (sports or other activities).

So, if you have something coming up that I might be able to tag along on and hopefully capture a moment or two between you and your kiddo, please email me. Please keep in mind that bonding doesn’t necessarily have to be a moment of affection.

Hope to hear from some of you!



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