Gap Stories


On June 21, I will be in Locust Gap, making portraits and interviewing some of the Gap’s older residents and former residents.  This will be part of a project aimed at encapsulating, through first person accountings, the rich history of the Gap, esp during the times when the mines were still open and the Gap was a bustling mine town.

The Gap is very important and dear to me.  It is part of my DNA.  My mother was born there.  Her paternal line lived in the Gap dating back to the 1860’s.  I spent much time there, taking trips with my Gram as a young boy and trying to maintain that connection to the area as I got older.

This will be my first of several trips for this project.  The images created and stories documented, will be hosted online and I will explore options of a possible print exhibit at some point.  Right now, my focus is on people born in the Gap up to the 19040’s, maybe 50’s.

I will be sharing a flier about this project with the first date shortly.  I would like to create the portraits with the Gappers either in front of their family home or perhaps at a childhood hangout.  Each Gapper who participates will receive a complimentary 8×10 print.

If you know anyone who fits the above and is willing to meet me in Locust Gap on June 21st, please get in touch with me.  My contact info is listed below!


Brian Mengini




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