I have begun work on a new portrait series, titled Ausome Me.  Ausome Me is a studio based series of intimate portraits of children on the Autism spectrum.  I wanted to create a new body of work within this community that I am a part of (my eldest son, Dominic, is on the spectrum).  I wanted the look and feel to be different.  Ausome Me portraits will have a more Fine Art look and feel which is different then other children’s portraits I have created. They will also be intimate as these images are NOT posed.  I am not waiting for that “perfect smile” to arise.  I am waiting for a specific moments to happen; moments where I see the personality and character of the child come through.  Now, if a big hearty smile comes through as I am waiting, then of course I will grab it.  I mean, why not?  Smiles are contagious, so that is definitely something I would want to share.

I suppose one could say these are for awareness, not for autism because unless you lived under a rock for years, just about everyone knows what Autism is and more so someone on the spectrum.  I more wanted to simply create beautiful portraits of these beautiful souls and perhaps raise awareness of just how AUSOME they are!  For now, this series will just live online on social media and eventually my website,  As the series hopefully grows, I may explore other avenues to gain visibility for this body of work and the amazing individuals in it!

By now, you are probably saying to yourself, this all sounds amazing, how do I sign my kiddo up? Easy peasy lemon squeasy.  Message me your availability. The sessions take place in my Lansdowne, Delaware County studio.  Right now, I am not being bombarded with sessions, so I am scheduling them as they come in vs set days.

Are there costs to participate?  Nope!  There is no cost or fee to have your kiddo in one of the photo sessions.  In fact, I pay you.  Well, sorta… If you participate in one of these photo sessions, you will receive a complimentary 8×10 print from the session as my way of saying thanks for being AUSOME and coming in to help me.  Now, you MAY purchase other prints or digital media from the session, but we will get into that later.  The option is there, however.  After the session, you will receive a proofing gallery of fully edited images from which you select your free print and any others you may wish to purchase.  While there is no obligation to purchase more, it is quite appreciated as it helps fund this project.

Only two things left for you to do now…. 

  1. Schedule your session with me asap!
  2. Share this post and info with anyone you know in the ASD community!

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Mignonne brown says:


    Interested in the photo session.


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