Hello there! Welcome and thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. On here you will find various photo essays and random musings. Anyway, thanks again for stopping by and enjoy your stay!!!


3 Responses to Me

  1. cliff Mazer says:

    Carrot: I may want you to take some headshots of my gf’s dancing (ballet)daughter Devon (age 16).

    Stick: I’m a psychologist. I love to ask personal questions. 1) Why? Why the preference for the performing arts and especially dance? 2) What are u looking for in a shot other than something casting agents like and something that is “authentic” and appears to represent something very real or true about the person you are shooting? I’m not grading your answer, I promise..just interested as an average over-intellectualizing, but ballet and dance loving older guy. Thanks, Cliff

  2. Kat Richter says:

    Greetings from your newest fan 🙂 I’m looking forward to meeting you next month! Pam and I are already scheming…

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